Session 1 Post

A Personal Introduction. My name is Victor Barocas. My background includes stints in the business world, teaching graduate school and corporate consulting/training.

Currently, my time is occupied by teaching business courses at a small college in the Palm Springs area.  Additionally, I write for a couple of publications and do a bit of consulting. For fun, I am a photographer

The State of E-learning. From the reading and talking with colleagues, the field is in significant flux. There are multiple models to ensure that the target audiences, at miimum, gain, retain and apply knowledge. Flack (2013) in her SRI report asserts that there is a paucity of notable  research finding dealing with E-learning in post-secondary schools. However the findings from SRI’s meta-analysis sponsored by the Department of Education suggests that on-line learning has some  potential, with the greatest hope with  blended/hybrid models that combined face time with on-line learning.

Lack, Kelly. “Current Status of Research on Online Learning in Postsecondary Education.” ITHIKA S+R, March, 2013. www.

While not necessary contradictory with the Hill’s (2012) state of the state analysis, it does elicit at least two separate questions:

  • As educational institutions continually roll out on-line courses, are the courses being built on a solid foundation? In other words, without solid data on which to build classes and programs, are postsecondary institutions building classes/programs that will be viable and not self-destruct over the mid to long term?
  •  Are universities and consortia pushing out product without the requisite buy in from past, potential future students. Or, will the drop-out rate continue to be high? More specifically, since completing on-line programs require tremendous  perserverence, are students committed enough to do the work ?

Hill, Phil. “Online Educational Delivery Methods: A Descriptive View.” Educause Review Online, November 2012.

My personal experiences with  Millenia students suggests that even with the best on-line and hybrid courses this generation’s need for immediate feedback and a short attention span is a clear challenge that must be addressed. This is a covariate that will be hard to assess quantitatively.

My Connections to E-learning.  As many of you will likely learn, my connections to E-learning are, at best, tenuous.  Right now, I find myself in “catch-up” mode: it is taking me time to navigate the blackboard’s various parts and options.

Completing the E-learning Certificate is part of my reinventing myself for yet another career. My goal is to parlay my successes business and being an educator into some consulting with a trade association or corporation.


9 thoughts on “Session 1 Post

  1. Hang in there on the Blackboard learning- you’ll have it mastered in no time. That’s the ONE area of my studies that I am competent, so feel fee to ask me questions should they arise. Good luck, Christen


    • Hello there,

      Thanks for the note. Given my travails to date, I will likely be spending as much time learning technology as I will be learning content. And, if I not mistaken, that was one of the findings in my analysis of barriers to interaction with on-line courses.

      As I continue to navigate technology, I am coming up with another problem. Do you have a crib sheet on APA style. The APA rules have clearly changed since I was in graduate school.

      Thanks for the blog post.



      • Christen,

        Your posts are consistently well thought out and presented clearly, with a minimum of jargon.

        Not to add more to your plate, but I’d really appreciate your reactions to my 4th construct presented twice towards the end of Module 05. They are both titled, “Going out on a limb.”

        Also, any comments/thoughts on my “Reflections” at the end of Module 06 would be great.

        By the way, Brian comments on both, especially my being “out on a limb” is forcing me to inspect further my thinking.




  2. You taught be a new term- Heutagogy.

    Overall, You have taken on a big project- yikes!

    Since I’d never heard of Heutagogy before I had to Google it. Once I had a basic understanding, I immediately began to think about the challenges of self-driven study using MOOCS an d the low completion rates. I came across an article you might find interesting. It’s purely anecdotal, but the author has some good points. “Theoretical Flow of Heutagogy in MOOCs”-
    Good luck!


  3. Christen, I agree that I am taking on a big project and am trying to contain it as much as possible.. My thinking is if I can set up a design that addresses some of the core tenets of heutagogy, I will be

    While reviewing the literature and thinking about my peers and past students, several assumptions are questionable.
    -All learners want to learn and improve themselves. There are many reasons (e,g., other responsibilities, no desire) for these differences.
    -The economics of owning newer or the latest technology is equal. In other words, affordability is a real time factor..
    -Curiosity is a basic human trait.
    -Faculty are willing to invest the time and effort to provoke the learner into self-directed explorer.

    I know these statements may seem a bit jaded; however, I think they are part of the reality within which we educate.


  4. Hi Victor. You have quite a background! I love that you are constantly headed towards something new, that keeps our minds from being idol. There is such a variety of careers in this class, which is wonderful, it offers a fabulous learning environment!


    • Thanks for the feedback… I truly believe that with our ever-increasing life span that each of us must reinvent ourselves for new careers throughout our life.

      The beauty of reinvention is that new goals are sometimes other directed and at times self determined.

      Again, thanks for the observation.



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