I am further behind than I would like be: I struggled–for some time–with distinguishing between design, implementation and evaluation.  I also found myself needing create a  manageable and non-theoretical project.

Those challenges overcome, my “more” manageable prjoct is is titled “A Self-assessment Schema for Managers attending a Professional Development Program Titled, Creative Problem Solving.

  • Target audience: managers with at least 18 months tenure with their current company
  • Content: Post College and Graduate Level
  • Learning outcome: practical skills that can be applied at the workplace upon returning to the workplace
  • Format: Totally on-line (tentatively)
  • Training tools: blackboard and/or blog, on-line templates for collaborative work.

Assessment tools: Either two or three assessment tools will be developed for the final project.

  • A participant survey on program quality and effectiveness (i.e., to allow for continuous improvement). Participant surveys will be returned to the instructional team for a blind analysis.
  • A self-assessment rubric that gives participants feedback on what they learned and how the practices have been used.
  • Creating a portfolio on one of the technique. Participants will be offered post training technical assistance if they move forward on one technique post training. [N.B. Depending upon available time this last technique may or may not be included.]

Project challenge: Self assessment tools are scheduled to be distributed 1-2 weeks post training program.  In concept, post training assessments  make sense; however, in real life getting feedback is more difficult. I am working on “rewards” for completing the assessments.

I guess that is where I am at. Any suggestions or comments are welcome.


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