What did this class miss? What topic related to delivery or assessment of online learning should have been included but wasn’t. What should we know about that topic?

 Other than SOP (i.e., seat of pants) experiences with teaching undergraduate and graduate classes at several colleges/universities, as well as conducting professional training and technical assistance programs, I have no formal training in education. This deficit left me out of the loop on more than one occasion,  

I came to this class and program with a very different perspective and agenda. My primary interests remain the design, implementation and evaluation of elearning programs in corporate 

Lastly, having initiated a mastermind group of visual artists here in the Coachella Valley, I am thinking about how I can create online business courses targeted to creative professionals. 

Since class content was totally new to me, I am not sure what was absent. I probably missed it in the beginning, but some clear delineation between design, implementation and evaluation might have helped.

Given my target audience, I would have enjoyed a section on using software in adult (ideally professional) training and development. 

Also greater emphasis upon andragogy and heutagogy would be helpful to all students… Especially since most everyone in the glass were demonstrating the heutagogical principles.

My own personal interests include process development and benchmarking. Irrespective of the learning audience, the concept is critical for the coming decades, especially for those teaching at lower levels. 

To be honest, conversations and assignments about education management systems would be totally inapplicable to those looking to teach in the business world. Similarly, apps and the like are not of interest to overcommitted managers who are already working 50 hours a week. 

If you were going to do a research study about eLearning delivery and/or assessment, what would your study be and why?

I would in all likelyhood come back to my primary interest in professional education and development. Some of the proposed topics are more conceptual than practical. That noted, here are some thoughts:

  • Creating some techniqes to operationalize and assess heutagogy in various professions.
  • Comparing blended learning vs totally online learning with various training programs.
  • Creatigng and assessing the effectiveness of various post training program follow-up programs.
  • Testing models that translate online training models to one-on-one business coaching.

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