Module 10

Thanks for the feedback on my comment, Vis a vis your your posting, I really believe that constructive criticism, especially when it is done by peers is invaluable. Not only does it foster critical and deeper thinking, it also helps to fortify CoIs.

Good job.


Final Project: Learning Criteria

Fernando Delgadillo

Etec 501

Dr. Baek

March 22, 2015

Assuming I’m an e-learning instructor, my ideal class to teach would be Intro to Cyber Security. I believe it to be an exciting field and I would enjoy introducing college students to this field. I have experienced both quarter and semester systems and my preference is the quarter system. I enjoy the fast pace environment and the way it keeps students active rather than sitting through the same class for five months. It also keeps students’ levels of interest in the class fairly high. I would teach this course as a blended class considering that many college students work full time jobs and it becomes more convenient for them to only have to attend once a week rather than twice. My reason for not teaching fully online is that this field is really technical and it would…

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